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We believe in providing excellent service and paying attention to details. We strive to be a positive force and pay it forward for the next generation. After all, that is what we were created for; to serve others and be image bearers of our Grand Creator, and to use our talents to the fullest extent, support, & encourage our neighbors and business community.
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For all Business Associates
Spring Fling 14
Julie Roscoe Eckstein Law
Julie Roscoe Eckstein
On Wednesday, April 9, 2014, Ayres Title held a luncheon for all of our business associates in appreciation to all of the wonderful people we work with on a continuous basis to make your closing process a reality. Among our guests were local realtors, legal council, courthouse associates, mortgage lenders, local builders, vendors and business owners in the community.
WE are excited to introduce you to our NEW! leading council: Julie Roscoe Eckstein Law Firm, This law firm represents Ayres Title in all our services that are rendered. Mrs. Eckstein, from Richmond, VA, is highly recommended. She is committed to providing high quality, professional service and ensuring customer satisfaction. To schedule an appointment to discuss your legal needs, please call (804) 441-6229.
Mrs. Eckstein Specializes in:
  • Trademark Registration for trademarks and business names
  • App Developers and development assistance with legal matter
  • Drafting of wills
  • Probate and Estate Representation
  • Executor and administrator assistance
  • Business organization and contract drafting
  • Real Estate transactions & other complex Real Estate matters including; boundary line issues, partition suits, and litigation.